Social media at 25

Social media at 25 is wedding proposals and baby announcements,

that come in the form of engagement rings and ultrasound pictures.


It’s the same meme, shared into oblivion.

It’s funny once, maybe twice, but just another swipe after that.


It’s holiday pictures, vlogs and blogs.

Nights out and endless pictures of lunch, brunch and dinner.


It’s opinions that you’d rather not had read, that anger you, and that, after some consideration, shouldn’t be replied to. It’s a lost cause and ultimately a simple push on the unsubscribe button.

Or unfriend, if it’s really that bad.


It’s your own memories, that you share with a painful pang of nostalgia,

knowing that they don’t mean as much to others as they do to you.

But even so, you want them to know.


It’s ads for pregnancy tests and baby clothes,

Because really, it’s that time.


It’s a proven danger to your health but a quick remedy for boredom.

But ultimately it isn’t a lasting cure, which you know all too well.


So it’s putting your phone in your bag and grabbing a book instead,

A change in habit that perhaps takes more effort than you thought it would.


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