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Christmas Watchlist

Christmas generally consists of two things: food and films. Or at least, that’s generally what it consists of at my house. Although these two things do not seem like they would cause too much difficulty, it is the second part of this glorious Christmas deal that brings about a yearly dilemma in our household. It […]

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Winter Getaway

Last week we were lucky enough to get away from the madness a little bit, spending a few days in Belgium. We started out our trip in the Ardennes for a few days of peace and quiet, away from social media and basically, civilisation. After that we drove to Louvain and then Ghent, to meet […]

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Graduation and Ode to my Arts Degree

We all feel the need to reinvent ourselves sometimes. Or to at least finish the sentence, put the final dot and turn the page. There’s nothing better than a new, crisp, white sheet of paper, is there? Better yet, it usually comes with the anticipation of taking out your colouring pens and decorating the white […]

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