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13 Things about 13 Reasons Why

Warning: This post contains spoilers. 13 Reasons Why has taken off. The addictive nature of this Netflix series has made it a massive talking point, and watching the series within a day or two seems to be the norm. Although the series might be seen as another Netflix Original hit, things are a bit more […]

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Review: Kong: Skull Island

This post contains spoilers (also for Godzilla (2014)). When it comes to big budget fantasy films like Kong: Skull Island I usually have rather subdued expectations. What I mean by that is that I often come in thinking something among the lines of ‘I am sure I will be entertained to some level, but I […]

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January Series – Please Like Me and Sherlock

This post contains spoilers 2017 is well underway and I decided to share what series I have been watching so far this month. I’m always looking for new series to watch, and almost constantly receive recommendations from friends. However, I cannot pretend that there is any real method to my series-picking madness. Often times I […]

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Christmas Watchlist

Christmas generally consists of two things: food and films. Or at least, that’s generally what it consists of at my house. Although these two things do not seem like they would cause too much difficulty, it is the second part of this glorious Christmas deal that brings about a yearly dilemma in our household. It […]

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