About me

I grew up in the Netherlands, but my heart lies at the other side of the English Channel. I studied English Language and Culture at university, and grabbed the first chance I got to move to the United Kingdom. After a brief 5 month stay in Exeter I decided that England was were I wanted to be, and I moved back after graduating from university. Following my interests, I  studied Film (MA) at the University of Kent in Canterbury.

Bonnie van den Bergh

I love art. I love history. I love stories.

To me film is a very powerful medium to convey meaning and emotion, and I love writing about what I have been watching and loving, which is partly why this blog exists.

I wholeheartedly believe that the things you love and enjoy say a lot about you as a person, and that’s why I am aiming for this blog to be a reflection of who I am.

Besides my love for film, I also care deeply about WAY too many things. I spend a lot of time watching TV series, getting lost on Youtube listening to 80s-90s playlists, watching history documentaries and getting emotionally invested in baking shows. I also love travelling and seeing new places. On a more basic level, the things that make me happy beyond belief are good music, good company, cute dogs, good food and good coffee (or tea, both will do).

Bonnie van den Bergh